Accessible Bathtub Renovations

Bathaccess - the safe way

We started out in tub reglazing and the stories we heard of the fears and near accidents just taking a shower or stepping into a bath, showed us a need to do more for our neighbours in Toronto with safety tubs.

We are the neighbour that looks after your bathroom safety needs with all manner of cut out tubs and accessible safe bath access.

We expanded to provide esthetically pleasing and safe cut out / walk in tub options for anyone in the Greater Toronto Area who experiences difficulties with traditional step over tubs.

We are proud of our top quality installers who also care about the people they serve. Our installers perform quality craftsmanship in your homes in less than an afternoon.
You deserve installers who care about your well-being as much as they care for their parents and loved ones.

Bathaccess Toronto and Dr Tubs Reglazing are here to take care of your safety needs in the loo, water closet, biffy, toilet, whatever you call it, we have your back and keep you upright!

Don’t agonize over safety – install a cut out tub today!

Safe and accessible bathrooms, get a cut out tub installed today!

Options for any tub!
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