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Safe and Accessible Bathroom
Safe and Accessible Bathroom

Convertible Walk-In Bathtub

The Convertible Walk-In Bathtub is designed to transform your existing bathtub into a walk-in shower or a traditional bath, based on your needs and preferences.

Convertible Walk-In Bathtub

Our Convertible Walk-In Bathtub allows you the luxury of choice. You can enjoy the comfort of a step-in shower, or, with our easy-to-use water-tight plug, indulge in a full bath. The distinctive feature of the CleanCut Convertible is its adaptability. It provides a wide entry point for a walk-in shower, while also enabling you to convert your tub back to a full bath in mere seconds.

The Convertible Walk-In Bathtub is not only versatile but also user-friendly. The removable watertight unit, weighing just 2 pounds, is straightforward to use and store when not needed.

Experience the convenience with our Convertible Walk-In Bathtub. It’s more than just a bathtub; it’s a revolution in your bathroom, enhancing your bathing experience while catering to your individual needs.

Our Cut Out and Walk-In Tub Products

Bath Access offers a variety of options beyond the conventional Step-In Bathtub. Each of our products are crafted to boost safety and self-sufficiency in your bathroom. Irrespective of your specific needs, we have a product tailored to transform your existing tub into a safer and more accessible environment. 

Step-In Bathtub

Convert your current tub into an easy-to-access step-in shower.

Ultra-Low Bathtub

Specifically designed for for high-profile acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs.

Convertible Walk-In

Convertible Walk-In model offers the versatility of being a step-in shower or a full bath.

Tub Bar

Our Tub Bar is designed to clamp onto your existing bathtub to enhance safety.

Bathtub Safety

Did You Know? The Step-In Bathtub by Bath Access represents more than just convenience.

It’s a commitment to fostering self-reliance and preserving the dignity of individuals who may find conventional bathtubs challenging.

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