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Safe and Accessible Bathroom
Safe and Accessible Bathroom

Deep Step Bathtub Cut Out

The Deep Step Bathtub Cutout is designed to convert your existing high-profile acrylic or fibergrass tub into a step-in shower, making your bathroom safer and more accessible.

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Converting Standard Bathtubs into Accessible Showers

Bath Access’s Deep Step Bathtub Cutout is the ideal solution for those finding it difficult to climb in and out of their elevated profile tubs. By removing approximately 10.5 inches from the top of your tub and creating a 24-inch wide opening, this cutout makes stepping into your shower as effortless as walking into a room.

Our Deep Step Cut Out is available in two sizes:

Large: fits tubs up to a 6-inch top rail width and a maximum width of 7.25 inches at the 11.75-inch point down the inside of your tub.

Extra Large: fits tubs with up to 8.inch top rail width and a maximum width of 9 inches at the 11.75-inch point down the inside of your tub.

Experience the ease and safety of a step-in shower without the need for a complete bathroom remodel. Our Deep Step Bathtub to Step-In Shower Cutout is the answer to enhancing independence and comfort in your bathing routine.

Please note, for the  Deep Step cutout to be installed, the minimum inside depth of your tub should be at least 13 inches.

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Bath Access offers a range of solutions beyond the deep step bathtub cut-out. Each of our products is designed to enhance safety, ease of use, and independence in your bathroom space. No matter your situation, we have a product that can transform your existing tub into a safer and more accessible space.

Step-In Tub

Transforms your standard bathtub into a safe walk-in shower for easy access.

Ultra-Low Bathtub

The perfect cut-out specifically designed to fit high-profile bathtubs.

Convertible Walk-In

The best of both worlds, a cutout that offers the flexibility of a walking shower and a soaking tub.

Tub Bar

Safely enter and exit the tub with a Tub Bar that clamps onto your existing bathtub.
Bathtub Safety

Did You Know? Bath Access' Deep Step Cut-out is more than a simple convenience

It’s all about helping people stay independent and feel respected, especially for those who have a hard time using regular bathtubs.

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