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Accessible Bathtub FAQs
Accessible Bathtub FAQs
Bathroom Safety Cutout Bathtub

Bathroom Safety: Bathing and Showering

Did you know the most dangerous activities for any age are bathing, showering, and exiting the shower or tub?

Bathing, showering, and exiting the shower or tub are indeed among the most dangerous activities for people of all ages. The combination of slick surfaces, water, and soap makes for a high-risk environment, especially for seniors who might struggle with balance and mobility

Recent studies have shown that for people aged 65 and older, falls account for approximately 60% of all injury-related emergency department visits and over 50% of injury-related deaths annually. Grab bars, shower benches, walk-in showers help improve bathroom safety.

Consequences of a Broken Bone

Did you know one broken bone can change your life story?

A single fall leading to a broken bone can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life, especially for seniors. The recovery time can be lengthy, and it often leads to a decline in overall mobility and independence, which can drastically change a person’s lifestyle.

Did you know the worst case scenario for seniors after a broken hip?

A broken hip can have severe consequences for seniors. Beyond the immediate pain and the often lengthy recovery period, it can lead to a significant decrease in mobility, increased dependence on others, and a greater risk of complications like infections, blood clots, and pneumonia. In the worst cases, it can even be life-threatening.

Bathroom Safety
Bathroom Safety

Free Quote for a Bathtub Cut out

Did you know Bath Access offers free home quotes for your bathtub cut out needs to improve bathroom safety throughout the Greater Toronto area?

Bath Access is committed to promoting bathroom safety for seniors. That’s why we offer free home quotes for a Bathtub Cut Out. We aim to provide an accessible and safe bathroom environment for seniors across the Greater Toronto Area

The cost effective options available with Bath Access Ontario can make your bathroom safer without the mess, high costs, and long drawn-out inconvenience of renovations.

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Convincing Parents About Bathroom Safety

Do you need help convincing your parents that bathroom safety is worth the investment of a bathtub cut out?

Convincing loved ones about the importance of bathroom safety can sometimes be challenging. Highlight the potential risks associated with traditional tubs and the benefits of a bathtub cut out, such as improved safety, increased independence, and peace of mind. Also, remember to be patient and understanding – changes can be difficult, especially for seniors

Protect your parents with a bathtub cut out from Bath Access to increase bathroom safety! They are more vulnerable than men followed by the need for extended health-care or senior assisted living. Dr. Victoria Tang on WebMD said, “less than half recover to their previous function after a hip fracture“. Sadly even more catastrophic, broken hips significantly increase the risk of mortality.

Bathroom Safety
Bathroom Safety

Consequences of Bathroom Falls

Did you know a bathroom fall can lead to severe consequences far more than a visit to the emergency room?

A fall in the bathroom can have far-reaching effects beyond immediate injuries. Long-term consequences may include decreased mobility, loss of independence, fear of falling again, and decreased overall quality of life

A study from Belgium compared patients suffering hip fractures and estimated 24 percent, within a year of their accident, experienced a loss of independence in their daily living routines. This loss was directly related to their broken hip.

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Cut Out and Accessible Bathtubs

Did you know there are government tax credits available for increasing home mobility?

Below please find a list of useful links to learn more about available Federal and Provincial government tax credits that you can apply for.


At Bath Access, we understand the importance of prioritizing bathroom safety for individuals in the Greater Toronto Area who face difficulties with traditional step-over tubs. Our safety step walk in tub options are designed to alleviate the risks associated with navigating slippery surfaces and high bathtub barriers. With our top-quality installers who genuinely care about the well-being of the people they serve, you can trust that your bathroom safety is our utmost concern.