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Looking to enhance safety in your bathroom? Dive into Bath Access’s insightful articles for essential tips on creating an accident-free bathroom environment.
Essential Bathroom Safety Checklist for Seniors

Essential Bathroom Safety Checklist for Seniors

The bathroom presents various hazards, especially for seniors. The combination of water, slippery surfaces, and physical movement creates a precarious environment, leading...

Walk-in Tubs vs. Traditional Tubs: Safety and Comfort Comparison

Walk-in Tubs vs. Traditional Tubs

Many people, particularly those with mobility issues, face challenges when using the bathroom. Traditional tubs often add to these challenges, making a...

Common Myths About Walk-In Bathtubs

Common Myths About Walk-In Bathtubs

Many myths and misconceptions exist about installing easy-access tubs during home renovations, especially in bathrooms. These misconceptions can cause misunderstandings and hinder...

Bathtub to Walk-in Shower Conversion

The Benefits of Bathtub to Walk-in Shower Conversions

For individuals with disabilities or limited mobility, bathroom accessibility remains paramount. Traditional bathtubs often pose challenges, potentially leading to accidents, reduced independence,...

Bathroom Safety Solutions and Accessible Tubs

Bath Access products are crafted with an emphasis on safety, user-friendliness, and independence in your bathing environment. Regardless of your specific needs, our products can transform your existing tub into a more secure and accessible space. 

Step-In Bathtub

Redefine your current tub into a convenient step-in shower with our Step-In Bathtub.

Ultra-Low Bathtub

Specifically designed for elevated profile acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs.

Convertible Walk-In

Delivers versatility by functioning as either a step-in shower or a full bath.

Tub Bar

Our Tub Bar is designed to clamp onto your existing bathtub.