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At Bath Access, we put Bathtub Safety at the forefront of our mission, providing innovative solutions that offer not just convenience but also security. Serving Toronto, Ontario, our experienced technicians dedicate their time and skills to ensure you enjoy worry-free showers and benefit from our accessible step-in bathtub products.

Our team comprises professionally trained technicians who specialize in transforming traditional bathtubs into easily accessible walk-in tubs. With their expertise, they execute these transformations swiftly, typically completing the process within just a few hours. This efficient service allows you to reap the benefits of a safer, more accessible bathtub sooner than you might expect.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing safe, economical cut-out tub options that ensure you are secure in what can often be the most dangerous room in your house – the bathroom. Through meticulous workmanship and the use of reliable products, we help mitigate the risk of slips and falls, significantly enhancing your bathroom’s safety.

Servicing the Greater Toronto Area, we strive to prevent accidents in bathrooms by providing top-notch safety solutions. Your safety matters to us, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure our products and services meet and exceed industry standards. 

We are here to serve you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area preventing the slips and falls. Your safety matters to us!

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You can enjoy easy access with a cut out walk in tub in a few hours

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Don’t agonize over safety – install an Accessible Bathtub

Get an accessible bathtub setup within a few hours! Save time and money with our low step walk-in tub safety upgrades facilitated and installed by our experienced technicians. Bath Access Ontario offers a 1 year warranty.

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