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Many people, particularly those with mobility issues, face challenges when using the bathroom. Traditional tubs often add to these challenges, making a simple task difficult and potentially dangerous. The introduction of walk-in tubs offers a revolutionary solution, providing a safer and more accessible option.

Walk-in tubs have changed the game, delivering an optimal mix of safety, convenience, and therapeutic advantages that significantly improve the bathing experience.

About Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in tubs represent an innovative solution with an emphasis on safety, accessibility, and comfort. These tubs are characterized by a watertight door, which facilitates effortless entry and exit for users. This distinctive feature eliminates the risky step-over action required in traditional tubs, significantly reducing slip and fall incidents. As such, walk-in tubs enhance the security of the bathing experience considerably.

This safety aspect is particularly beneficial for seniors and those with mobility issues. By incorporating a walk-in tub into their bathroom setup, they can maintain their independence without compromising their safety. This design modification transforms an ordinary activity into a hassle-free and safe routine, providing peace of mind to users and their caregivers alike.

In addition to their low-entry design, walk-in tubs also offer other unique features that heighten safety. Safety bars and non-slip flooring enhancements contribute further to the user’s security, reducing the risk of accidents during the bathing process.

At Bath Access, we specialize in enhancing bathtub accessibility. Our unique solutions transform your current traditional bathtub into a secure and easily accessible walk-in tub.

About Traditional Tubs

Traditional tubs, also known as standard or regular bathtubs, have been a common feature in bathrooms for decades. They are typically rectangular, made from materials like porcelain or acrylic, and require users to step over a high side wall to enter and exit the tub. These tubs can be combined with shower fixtures for added convenience, making them a common choice for many households.

However, despite their widespread usage, traditional tubs come with a significant number of limitations, particularly when it comes to safety and comfort. The high-wall design, which requires a certain level of agility and strength to negotiate, poses a risk of slips and falls, especially for seniors, people with mobility issues, and young children.

Safety Comparison: Walk-in Tubs vs. Traditional Tubs

Entry and Exit

  • Walk-in Tubs
    Walk-in tubs are fundamentally designed with safety at the forefront. The distinguishing feature of these tubs is their low-entry design, which significantly mitigates the risk of accidents. The ease of walking in and out of the tub, as the name suggests, reduces the potential for slips and falls associated with climbing over a tub wall. This design element is what gives Bath Access its name and its edge in safety.
  • Traditional Tubs
    On the other hand, traditional tubs require users to step over a high threshold, which can be a precarious endeavour. This action can be particularly challenging for individuals with mobility limitations, seniors, or those with balance issues. The high step needed to enter or exit the tub introduces a considerable risk of falls and injuries.


  • Walk-in Tubs
    This is an essential safety feature of our low step-through openings that ensures stability and footing even when the tub is wet, thereby substantially decreasing the likelihood of slipping while moving inside the tub.
  • Traditional Tubs
    While some models of traditional tubs may incorporate non-slip surfaces, it’s far from a standard feature. The bottom of a traditional tub can become very slippery, especially when wet and soapy, leading to a heightened risk of accidents.

Accessibility Features

  • Walk-in Tubs
    In addition to the low-entry door, Walk-in tubs are designed with more than just safety in mind; they also focus on ease of use. In addition to the characteristic low-entry door, these tubs can include other beneficial features such as grab bars and shower grasp bars. These provisions considerably enhance the overall safety, ease of use, and comfort, making our walk-in tubs an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safer and more comfortable bathing experience.
  • Traditional Tubs
    Traditional tubs frequently fall short in offering user-friendly accessibility features. Although it’s feasible to separately install elements like grab bars, their absence as a standard feature can pose considerable difficulties, especially for those who have a hard time maintaining their balance or standing for lengthy periods.

Common Questions About Walk-in Tubs

Are walk-in tubs safe for seniors?

Walk-in tubs are an excellent option for seniors, with safety as their foremost design priority. They come with several safety features such as low-threshold doors, which eliminate the need for stepping over high edges and minimize the risk of falling, and grab bars for added support. All these features significantly reduce the risk of bathroom accidents, enabling seniors to enjoy a safe, independent bathing routine.

Are walk-in tubs worth the investment?

Walk-in tubs offer a wealth of benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. These benefits include enhanced safety features and increased independence for those with mobility issues. For many people, the peace of mind and quality of life improvements that come with a walk-in tub are well worth the initial investment.

Are Bath Access’s walk-in bathtub products compatible with all types of tubs?

Bath Access products are highly versatile and can be seamlessly installed on any type of bathtub. Whether you have a porcelain, fiberglass, steel, or even a cast iron tub, our cut-out tub products can be fitted perfectly. Our team is equipped with the expertise to handle different materials, ensuring the integrity of your original tub while enhancing its safety and accessibility.

Can tubs with non-flat surfaces be converted into walk-in bathtubs?

Certainly! Bath Access products are highly adaptable and designed to cater to a wide range of bathtub designs. They can be custom fitted to align with the inside and outside profile of your existing tub, regardless of whether it’s flat or curved. Our team carefully measures and adjusts the product to ensure a perfect fit, transforming your conventional bathtub into a safer and more accessible walk-in tub.

Walk-in tubs, with their low-threshold doors, slip-resistant features, and accessibility additions, significantly mitigate the risk of bathroom accidents.

If you have more questions or need personalized advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Bath Access team. We’re always ready to assist you in making an informed decision that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.